As stated in our project history Vague Terrain was launched in 2005 and active through early 2012. We published twenty-two issues of our digital arts journal. Unless otherwise noted, the issues below have all been curated and edited by Neil Wiernik, Corina MacDonald and Greg J. Smith.

Past Issues

The complete list of Vague Terrain issues:

Mobile Performance [curated by Camille Baker] – Spring 2012
Electric Speed [curated by Kate Armstrong & Malcolm Levy] – Winter 2012
Ambient - Fall 2011
Schematic as Score [curated by Derek Holzer] - Spring 2011
(Re)purposed Clothes [curated by Ricardo O’Nascimento] - Winter 2011
Collaborative Spaces [curated by Neil Wiernik & Corina MacDonald] - Summer 2010
Architecture/Action [curated by Joshua Noble] - Winter 2010
.microsound [curated by Kim Cascone] - Fall 2009
Biomorph [curated by Paul Prudence] - Summer 2009
citySCENE - Spring 2009 [curated by Greg J. Smith]
Device Art [curated by Rob Cruickshank] - Winter 2009
Curediting [curated by CONT3XT.NET] - Fall 2008
Digital Dub - Summer 2008
Rise of the VJ [curated by Carrie Gates] - Spring 2008
Process - Fall 2007
Sample Culture - Summer 2007
Locative [curated by David McCallum] - Spring 2007
Minimalism - Winter 2006
The Body Digital - Fall 2006
Generative Art - Summer 2006
Digital Landscape - Winter 2006
Digital Detritus - Fall 2005

Unlinked issues are missing from our archives – we hope to add them in the coming months, now that this project is in archival mode.