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Marco Donnarumma (aka TheSAD) is an independent new media artist, teacher, composer, performer and bass player currently based in Edinburgh, Scotland, UK. His works take life in multiple forms such as audiovisual live performances, electronic/electro-acoustic compositions, multimedia installations and interactive sceneries. The understanding and the deconstruction of the semantic relation models among nature, man and technology is the main focus in his artistic research whose aim is to highlight the communicativeness of human action through the use of self-designed data visualization systems and physical computing technologies. Donnarumma’s work, especially his live performance projects, are regularly presented internationally. Past appearances include the Venice Biennale, the Rome White Night at Palazzo delle Esposizioni and the Live!iXem Festival in Italy; the NEMO Festival at Le Cube and Visionsonic #1 in Paris, France; the Pure Data Convention in Brazil; the Carnival of e-Creativity in New Dehli, India; the Centro de Cultura Contemporanea de Barcelona, the Laboral in Gijon, Spain; the Ausklang Festival in Hamburg, the Netaudio Festival in Berlin, Germany; among others venues. He works as FLOSS developer as well as MA Professor of Sound Design for Sensitive Environment with FLOSS at LABA – Brescia Academy of Fine Arts, Italy. In 2007 he received a BA with honours in New Technologies for Arts at the Venice Academy of Fine Arts. Since 2006 he is a researcher at and an organizer for the Live Performers Meeting.


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