LED Eyelash

Facial beauty is often anchored by powerful eyes – one only need look as far as glamour magazines to prove this fact. Park perceived this phenomenon and created LED Eyelashes; which is a way to externalize the desire associated with a powerful gaze using technology. Park asks: "Why not wear art on your face? Isn’t art for beauty, after all?" This is a great example of how electronic wearables are not confined to clothing and can extend and augment the paramaters of the body – electronic make up, to make people feel both different and better.

Why do you think it is important to make intelligent clothes?

'People express themselves through fashion: what and how you wear clothes communicates your identity as a social class, a gender, a profession and so forth. Applying technology to what you wear is a smart way to articulate your uniqueness.'

What future developments do you predict within wearable technology?

' I think that the future of wearable technology depends not primarily on how advanced technology can be, or how well high technology can be used on clothes. Rather, wearable technology will develop in a way that can complement the function of fashion (self-expression): specifically in a way that can address the emotional needs of people (communication).'