S Ring

S Ring is a ring that releases scents accented with pheromones and facilitates communication in new and unspoken ways. As an extension of jewelry this piece investigates the realm of smell and behavior. Is it possible to convey an information or intention using only smell?

What is your inspiration for the project?

'Wearables are very much coming to age, but they are not quite there yet. We are just now beginning to see general acceptance of clothes with heating elements, for example. So in many ways, I don't believe we know or understand how wearables will change how we live, communicate, or even how they will be designed. With the S Ring, I wanted to ask that question: what might interactive accessories look like in the future? As a perfumer, I also wanted a way to integrate scent into my work. Then I began to ponder, with all the innovation occurring in scent research, will we eventually use aromas to literally change moods? Will the day come when pheromones, or other chemicals, are used to subtly change our mood or mind?'

Why do you think it is important to make intelligent clothes?

'I think it is important to explore how intelligent clothes will effect the way we interact. The cell phone has already had a significant impact on how we live our lives; how will this further change as we bring technology closer to our bodies?'

What future developments do you predict within wearable technology?

'We are seeing thermal elements and lights (EL wire, LEDs, etc.) more and more often in clothing. Once these are accepted within mainstream design, I think I will see a convergence between clothing and mobile devices. Next, I think we will see more interaction between our clothes and others, between our clothes and the "cloud" of social computing, our homes, and so on.'