Pertin-nce Kollab

Artist Title Length
N The House on the Hill 3:30
Bleupulp Yes but No 6:36
Brian Tester Chromakey 4:34
Meriol Lehmann Kollaborator 4:05
Leos Lousy 5:15
Michael North Scratched Barnyard 4:54

[mp3 .zip archive / 56MB]

[sample pack - mp3 .zip archive / 11MB]

The kollab project is a response to the invitation for pertin-nce to contribute a compilation to Vague Terrain 17. This release is similar to Trial (pertin-nce_016) was released a year and a half ago. The rules were simple; I built a sample & loops pack and asked the artists to make a song using at least a few of these elements. Obviously this is not a ground breaking concept since its been done many times but I think its a good way to stimulate musical creation among a specific group of people and also to build a compilation with some similarity in sound design.

This compilation features three recently new artists on pertin-nce such as Leos, Brian tester and Meriol Lehmann. All the samples in the pack were made using Plogue Bidule.