Humid Hunt

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Hemiptera Humid Hunt 29:59


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Hemiptera was conceived in 2008 as our vehicle for imagining new sounds and building them into a variety of different narratives.

Though we only met in 2005 after growing up separately in Eastern Canada and the U.S. West, we shared a lot of musical inspiration in common -- from Joy Division and Bauhaus in the 80s on up through experimental electronica, ethno and downtempo.

A heavy influence of underground dance beats and more significantly, our experience DJing minimal techno drew us to explore our own imprint on the genre – with the percussive sounds of bugs as our primary inspiration.

A large aspect of our collaboration is our shaped by our living and working environment. While migrating between Canada in the summer and the Southeast U.S. in the winter, we work in a studio built inside a 34-foot motorhome that is often parked in a natural setting.

Operating in such close quarters means our process remains fairly unstructured. The only principal is to allow sounds to take us seemingly to where they want to go, and often these results spark our imagination to more accurately describe or reveal what has been created. The finished track or live set is a result of weaving together various parts each of us has contributed and refining it until they make sense to both of us.

Humid Hunt is a complex 30 minute aural interpretation of spring 2010 in the Southeast U.S. living amidst a lengthy onslaught of humidity, ticks and pollen. While the season is often a source of inspiration for painters, the season seemed particularly palpable from a sonic perspective.

Drawing from a series of rhythmic and ambient textures, we put together an evolving arrangement that takes the listener through the interplay of textures that were sculpted from those original loops.

The joy of spring quickly turns into misery as elements of discomfort, frustration became commonplace, from the thick coat of yellow pollen that coats the back of your throat to the various insects that land everywhere.