Steam and Fiction

Artist Track Length
FAST Sixteen Senses 6:39
FAST Scrapes and scars like shining stars 6:37
FAST Winter Plane 7:11

[mp3 .zip archive / 47MB]

Focusing on the raw energy of improvisation, f.a.s.t. attempts to extract the substance from momentary decisions: the details to be revised later.

Release Info: This project began after a long-term period of sharing and discussing our creative projects with each other. We both had similar and compatible musical influences and interests and over the course of a few years, we began to influence each other's creative and conceptual processes. Both of us had a background in improvised instrumental and electronic music separately and together. After a few attempts at finding a technical configuration and creative process that produced results we were pleased with, f.a.s.t. was born.

We experimented with slightly different processes for each track. The opening track initially started as a brief improvisational session for instruments (primarily piano and voice). The recordings of this session were then rearranged on the fly during a longer improvised session on two computers. The other tracks began as experiments creating sounds and textures together using various kinds of modular synthesis and dsp configurations along with outboard gear, which were then developed into a cohesive whole over the course of the improvisational session. The results of the sessions were then edited to a more suitable length for listening, while preserving the flow and development contained in the original recordings.