A Work in Progress

Vague Terrain is officially two years old. Eight issues ago we started curating and collecting work from our peers, contacts and even a few strangers (some of whom have now become good friends) and have explored everything from glitch art to sample culture. Two years isn't that long of a time, but when you start thinking about the lifespan of the average independent record label, zine, music publication or even academic journal, two years represents a solid foundation.

One of the tough things about (unfunded) self-publication is that occasionally real life intervenes. We've had a pretty eventful past several months and are just now beginning to regain our equilibrium. That said, Vague Terrain 08: Process is somewhat of a "lite" issue compared to the amount of content we usually curate. It is also the first in an ongoing experiment in the format of this publication. To that end, we've collected six interviews with artists whose work we admire to generate a discussion about the tools and techniques of contemporary creative practice. Chris Messina, Daniel Shiffman, McKenzie Wark, Peter Mettler, Tara Rodgers and Thomson & Craighead have contributed their engaging insights to this multidisciplinary conversation. Vague Terrain collaborators Malcolm Levy, Jeremy Rotsztain, Noir, Corina MacDonald and Martin John Callanan were the architects of these discussions.

We've got a lot of exciting plans in store for 2008, starting with Vague Terrain 09: Rise of the VJ which will be guest curated by Saskatoon-based video artist Carrie Gates. We are also in the early stages of a retooling of the Vague Terrain format and web presence, so please stay tuned for news on that front in the new year.

Enjoy the interviews we've collected for you and have an excellent holiday season!

Neil Wiernik & Greg J. Smith, Toronto
November 2007