The Final Solution (Proposal)

[Martin John Callanan / The Final Solution (Proposal) / 2000]

A proposal for my final piece of work, originally conceived at the beginning of the year 2000 AD.

Inside a very tall, straight building, digital networked video cameras will be positioned on each floor. The cameras will look out from the building horizontally, and be vertically aligned. I will fall from the building passing each camera in turn. Each camera links to a programmed computer, instructed to edit the feeds into a film; that shows me passing each camera in temporal sequence. The program will then publish the film to a web server, and master one DVD. The computer will automatically email the hire company instructing collection of the equipment, after which, it will shut down.

The World Trade Centre, New York (USA), was originally cited as the location. This was because of its tall and straight (perfect) nature. Subsequently a new location is being sort. Current suggestions include the Sears Tower, Chicago (USA), or the Euston Tower, London (UK); though neither of these is ideal.

This work will allow me to experience true freedom, and allowing a decision upon the end.

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