Track Title Length
conophthorus resinosae 3:13
mesmer s pepper 7:04
tricuspid 5:48
de justesse 6:08
snow fleas 5:47
millapedament 4:00

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It could be said that my life has been driven by one purpose, "The quest for the holy me."

This existential crisis has fueled my creativity, and inspired many hours of searching for the exact sound, sound source and accurate representation of my various "états d'âme." As of late, I seem to have reached a calmer but still, intense time in life. This state of mind is reflected in a more minimal approach to my work.

Sometimes, one cannot hear one's own tinnitus until silence is found. This diffraction in my life is enabling me to see/hear myself in a clearer manner.

Composed and recorded at infinite space in 2005, 2006 using MAX/msp. All field recordings, programming and processing / i8u

Headphones are highly recommended.