VT Audio Editions 07: Simon Longo
VT Audio Editions 07: Simon Longo
Simon Longo - Flux

Flux is a collaborative project between sound artist and composer Simon Longo (aka Dithernoise) and visual artist/painter Era Vati.

Flux is a collaborative project project focusing on exploring sound textures, time, and the space created in between the free flow of events, exploring the possibilities created by the cross-contamination between sound and drawing as a gesture through an electro-acoustic system.

Simon Longo, aka Dithernoise, is an internationally acclaimed and prolific digital sound composer and video artist who has been exhibiting, screening and performing his cutting edge work for two decades. The work is distinctly original in its texture and arrangement, and takes inspiration from genres such as electronica, dance, techno, ambient as well as from digital and organic aesthetics to create interdisciplinary art with reference to neurosciences and synaesthesia. His work includes site-specific installations, audiovisual screenings, laptop and sound performances, and most has been exhibited in established London music venues and academic settings. Over the years Simon has been recording a vast amount of work on 12” vinyl and CD under a variety of names and aliases such as Dithernoise, Enere, and many others. In recent years he has contributed to the online magazine furthernoise.org where he presented sound pieces such as Inside My Bike, Afro+vox+blue and In Me. His work can also be found on AVLondon, Last FM and YouTube. Simon has collaborated on a number of A/V projects, particularly with the video-craft artists Max Schleser but also with artist/photographer Era Vati and Robert Livesu. His current work/ installations include large scale projection screens and multichannel sound.