May 2009

Vague Terrain News

[Paul Prudence / fft radial 08 / 2008]

While we just mentioned his work a few posts ago we are very excited to announce that Paul Prudence will be curating the next issue of Vague Terrain. In addition to being at the forefront of video performance, Paul authors the excellent dataisnature blog - a hub for information on digital aesthetics, algorithmic and procedural art. Paul has been an essential resource for us over the last five years and we are thrilled that he is lending us his expertise to curate an issue. The exact scope of the issue has yet to be formalized but it will deal with biological & morphogenetic processes and be published this summer.

Vague Terrain has been trucking along steadily this year despite some major setbacks quite outside of our control. The response to the citySCENE issue was fantastic and hopefully we will be able to get the rest of our Sample Culture (and locative technology) issue online by the summer. Although we have several backend issues to deal with, at some point in the foreseeable future we will be looking for semi-regular contributors to the Vague Terrain blog. If you'd like a platform for writing about digital art or music please drop us a line outlining your interests and/or creative practice.

Visual Artist’s Residency at SARC in 2009

Visual Artist’s Residency at SARC in 2009 - Call for Proposals

The Sonic Arts Research Center (SARC) is offering a 6 Month residency in 2009 for a visual artist working with digital technologies. This residency is co-hosted by the European Culture 2007 project CO-ME-DI-A (Cooperation and Mediation in Digital Arts) . The successful applicant is expected to have a solid grounding in at least one of the following: Motion Capture, Live video, OpenGL, Computer gaming or 3d modeling. The chosen artist will be working alongside the network performance research team at SARC, developing real-time computer graphics for network performance, addressing virtual presence and will also contribute to other CO-ME-DI-A - related events. The residency includes travel to CO-ME-DI-A events and an all inclusive honorarium of £10000. The successful applicant is expected to take residency in Belfast for at least 5 months and collaborate with CO-ME-DI-A partner CIANT in Prague.

Application Process: Applicants should include a 2 page CV, links to previous work, and a short paragraph detailing any experiences in network environments, as well as a short section in which you should give reasons why you would like to be considered for this residency.

The deadline for applications is the 30th May 2009.

All applications should be emailed to Dr. Franziska Schroeder as either word or pdf documents. DVDs or other materials can be posted to: Dr. Franziska Schroeder. Sonic Arts Research Centre, Queen’s University Belfast. Belfast BT7 1NN

If you would like to discuss your application please contact Dr. Pedro Rebelo. Please see or for more info.

Canadian Music Centre Remix Concert

Canadian Music Centre - A NIght of Remix Flyer

Toronto electronic music enthusiasts take note! The Canadian Music Centre will be presenting a "night of remix" on Saturday June 6th. The event brings together several local musicians that include Solvent, minisystem and Bartek Kawula to remix music submitted by 16 countries from throughout the world. The concert will be taking place at the Rivoli in Toronto on Saturday June 6th.

MUTEK Mayhem

Roland TR-707

[photo: bdu]

Okay, mayhem may be a bit melodramatic - especially at 63 BPM. Regardless, it is safe to say that the 2009 MUTEK festival is looking quite impressive. While the entire Vague Terrain camp won't be in Montreal next week, we will be represented by our frequent collaborator Corina MacDonald and myself. In addition to the many great events and panels associated with the festival we'd like to plug a party that our friends at the excellent Create Digital Music and Create Digital Motion are co-presenting along with the Warper crew - this team of promoters will be hosting a "special unofficial pre-MUTEK party" on Tuesday. The event will run from the mid-afternoon until the wee hours of the morning and feature a variety of workshops (think open music tools) and performances. If you are a Montreal resident, or will be in town a bit early, cruise on over to Create Digital Music for more info.

As for the festival-proper, twitter-enabled folks can tune into @vagueterrain for semi-regular updates on the proceedings.  See you in Montreal!